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Top Quality Pepper Mills – IKEDA

About five years ago, after being fed up with using cheap pepper mills bought in the UK, I tried a Peugeot pepper mill.

I understand that it is a top quality product well known globally but I did not like the light grating touches which is to me rather like empty sliding as if the pepper cones are not tightly grabbed by the blade mechanism.

I have tried to adjust with the top screw on the mill, but I could not get the best grating touches and results with it. I wanted try again now but I could not find it. May be I did not use it correctly, I believe.

Later when I went to Japan and I bought the IKEDA pepper mills. I have uploaded the mini video shot  below, trying to show the perfect grating touches as much as possible. It still works finely and has no wears after years. 

It is a popular brand in Japan as they use a grade of 18/10 stainless steel for both pepper mills and salt mills whereas Pergeot use only for salt mills as far as I know so far. Perhaps it is because the climate in Japan is rather humider than in Europe.

This is my suggestion as one of souvenirs if you visit Japan. The same height as the pictures above, at 108mm is around 4,000 yen, they can be bought in department stores and kitchen hardware shops.

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