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Somehow Tiny Kitchen

Nevertheless Tiny Kitchen

Well, after 8 years waiting period, at last the kitchen extractor was fitted – yet it has not been fully decorated, though.

Now, my kitchen has reached standard of the period when I live in my home country since at least 30 years ago!

Yet there are a lot of modernizations to be considered to fully reach the standard of living, absolutely due to the excessive high living cost in the UK.

The broken old boiler in one of the kitchen cabinet needs to be replaced with a new creating a larger space for the decent level of boiler in a new extension being built.

Unless the extension it built, we can not change the kitchen work top, cabinet doors, sink, while many other parts of the house have to be repaired and refurbished to meet the standard I used to live.

Even though I have given up some decorations and new appliances such as tiling, flooring, other part of windows, cookers, dish washers, it is still far too expensive to build up standards we can get in other countries.

Oh, I should mention how I could give up buying new cookers – I at last found a proper kitchen cleaner below!

Cif Kitchen Cleaner UK 2009

Before I found it, I tended to ignore the grease on the cooker and other places in the kitchen. It was fantastic in the UK as there used to be no proper cleaners I could find in the supermarkets I usually shop in the UK, unlike in my home country with a lot of selections in proper cleaning products that I had almost never experienced difficulties in finding proper cleaning products.

I would further like to find fairly reasonable cost of living with peaceful life in the UK ot once.

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Miele UK – Product Demonstration in the Showroom

Miele UK Module Hobs

Miele UK Module Hobs

Last Autumn, I went to Miele showroom located near Oxford.

In the UK, over the recent years Miele home appliance manufacturer has achieved prominent top reviews by customers. As I need to research the best suitable kitchen appliances, I participated the kitchen appliances demonstration called ‘Let’s Do Lunch’. The demonstration last more than a couple of hours for 25 pounds per person, the presenters in turn introduce range of the ovens and hobs as cooking various meals mainly. I understand that in western countries, usage of oven is much higher than in Asian countries. My interests are cast mainly on the modular hobs and hoods.

Thanks to their performance in a practical, informative manner, by the time I had finished the lunch, my interests are extended to other products such as induction hob ( for immediate heating, safer as it heats food, not pans or glass top ), ceramic hob ( for simmer cooking, adjustable more sensitively than gas hobs ), wok gas hob ( with 6kw high burner ), Steam combi-oven, hood with external motor for minimum sound of operation and even the Nespresso espresso machine, totalling more than 5,000 pounds! However, I agree that the quality of Miele is admirable in the UK.

In Miele Japan website, there are only one model in each oven, steam oven and microwave oven ranges, however, there is an exact modular hobs I would like.

Miele JP Module Hobs

Miele JP Module Hobs

The reason why I am keen on product selection is that a lot of services and products in this country are far too expensive for the performance of the products and services, comparing with products such as in Japan. Six years ago I bought a fridge-freezer and a gas range cooker with 4 hobs and 2 gas ovens which cost about 800 pounds in total. It is not enough to reason only overvalued currency, the quality of the product is out of issue, which are firmly protected by trading safe guards. Two decades behind – as frost develops in the freezer and therefore twice a year it needs to be removed, there is not enough difference between highest and lowest heat levels of the gas hobs, the entrance area of the gas oven is rather lower than the inside… for the price, such quality products do not exist in Japan, and probably in other countries either.

The meaning is that if the product quality is acceptable for the money paid, that’s all ok. I would like to  wait until the product prices come down to reasonably standard levels.

P.S. The article is rather in bitter taste, isn’t it? There are other factors which I do love this coutry, though. When I have some time, I will write about them.

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