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With the fresh spinach with stems, I quickly made breakfast with butter, egg.

The egg spinach saute below is one of my favourite menus for breakfast when I stay in the UK, where limited nutrients with better tastes are found easily.

Egg Spinach Saute

Egg Spinach with Stems Saute

I used a little soy sauce to season this time.

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With the fresh spinach with stems, I added to the basis Italian fresh tomato sauce.

Spinach Fresh Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

Spinach Fresh Tomato Sauce Spaghetti

I actually eat as spaghetti sauce on the other day, but I think it is better to eat as side dish.

Good for my health with reasonable prices of spinach – 3 fresh big bunches at only £1 which is one of very limited fair value for money products and services we can find in the UK.

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‘Horenso Gomaae’  Boiled Spinach with Soy Sauce, Sesame, Sugar

I had 3 bunches of spinach from local market this morning. As it was fresh, I used one bunch straightaway.

Usually only spinach leaves sold in supermarkets in the UK. It seems they often use them in salad or pesto.

Instead of basil pesto, they often use cheaper spinach leaves for pesto sold in delicatessen or supermarkets and sometimes they do not show what leaves are used for the Green Pesto, or at least it is written with very tiny letters in the ingredients small label.

It was first time in my life that I ate salad with so much raw spinach in the UK a couple years ago. The basil mozzarella tomato salad in high street sandwich shops I used to buy did not used to use spinach. Since they started to cut their cost in such a way, I felt as if I were a rabbit whenever I eat the salad.

Anyway, I will used the spinach with stems for the next few days. Stems have nice crisp texture with slight sweeter taste. If you are a vegetarian and like soy sauce, I believe you will live this.

Here are the points of making Spinach Gomaae:

1. Use high quality ingredients such as better soy sauce, sesame seeds which is preferably used Japanese as it has more swollen seeds with better aromatic flavour and off course, very fresh spinach. Beware that many high street vegetable markets sell only withered old ones.

2. Put washed spinach in boiling water and cook about 1 minute only, depending on the thickness of the stems and the volume of the spinach. Never let them overcooked like the garnish vegetables on some of traditional British dishes which almost melt.

3. Roast sesame seeds lightly before griding them, so that there will be nice aroma coming up as the key taste of this side dish.

The 3 bunches of spinach just cost £1, which is fairly reasonable, still unlike with other costs in the UK in he middle of this recession.

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