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Grilled Veal with Vegitable Saute

Grilled Veal with Vegetable Saute

I had somehow managed to carry food from a Waitrose which are situated more than 1 hour journey time this week in the hot weather.

I brought a big ice bag in a trolley actually and it was long time I had not gone for shopping in Waitrose.

For the start, I bought the English veal scallop and it was over £3.22 for just about 115g! It could only be good if we are on a diet to lose weight.

I convince myself that I am in the middle of the diet, but actually I grilled chicken as well for the meal.

I used to buy veal scallops from Waitrose sometimes until a year ago, but I do not remember the price. I believe that they have not reduced food price and created budget grade ranges for cheaper deals.

I like Waitrose and I will explore their meat, cheese, bread and more to find latest tasty food. I expect that most of the prices go down.

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