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Salmon Sashimi, Miso Soup, Gohan Rice, Kabocha Nimono

Salmon Sashimi, Miso Soup, Gohan Rice, Kabocha Nimono

I cooked Japanese dinner tonight – steamed Japanese rice, Miso soup, Kabocha and Okura with soy sauce and sugar seasonings and salmon Sashimi.

Japanese rice has rather sticky texture than other species and has better taste when they are eaten with Japanese dishes. Japanese rice prices of some of top brands are much higher than other ones.

Miso soup is made with fish stock which I took from dried shredded bonito. I added very thinly sliced high quality pork, Shitake mushrooms and spring onions today.

We usually taste very thin beef or pork for Shabu-Shabu though, by boiling the thin meat for around 10 seconds in the boiling stock water put on a dinner table and eat with soy sauce based Shabu-Shabu sauce straightaway.

 As we can not buy such thinly sliced meat in supermarket in the UK, I enjoyed the meat in the miso soup. As the simple way of cooking reveals taste of ingredients, the meat has to be fresh enough and be farmed in high standard for pleasant taste without being varnished with strong flavoured sauce and seasonings.

Salmon Sashimi is one of the most popular sashimi eaten in the UK as salmon in Europe is rather rich in fat and the fat part of Sashimi which is called Toro is the sign of high grade of Sashimi in Japan. Toro is expressed for fatty part of tuna Sashimi originally, however, in the UK, as many Japanese and other people often choose salmon Sashimiwith good fatty part, I expressed as Toro for salmon here. We can easily find salmon sashimi at usually reasonable prices for the immaculate taste.

I bought the high quality thinly sliced pork 200g for less than £3 and salmon sashimi 200g for less than £5 in Japanese food shop in London.

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