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I have tried Thai green curry kept in retort pouch.

The products below is of Japanese manufacturer, but the taste was different from what I had expected.

S & B Thai Green Curry Retort Pouch

S & B Thai Green Curry Retort Pouch

There were too much Galangal that has taste which is similar to ginger, disappointingly.

This reminded me of Indian curry with too much flavour of coriander which I do not like either.

Maybe I should try homemade curry some time.

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Chinese Dumpling Buns are the another side dish that I miss in the UK.
I will post the experiment of handmade buns later. In this post, I write about services and products in the UK.

In Japan, they are called Chukaman aka Nikuman and are sold in 24-hour operating convenience shops found almost every a couple of kilometers in major part of Japan.

Many people would like to bite them as quick meal or snack. The convenience shops in Japan like Tesco Express in the UK can sell warm dish as well.

When I used to work in London where the facility did not permit to use taster, nor microwave ovens or similar appliances due to the smells and safety reasons, I really felt discomfort at lunch.

In the recent years Tesco Express convenience shops thrive in London but they can only sell cold food! If we would like to eat something warm, we have to go to take away shops, cafes, or restaurants.

Most of people seem to like almost only one choice of lunch – sandwich everyday. Most of sandwiches sold in London have too much mayonnaise or too much butter-margarine and other seasonings such as too sour dressings too much, so that they kill taste of ingredients.

This may be the aim of the sandwich manufactures in the UK that they could use cheap ingredients, lower quality ingredients or even less fresh ones to increase the pie of their profit.

This is not limited to food business, but most of services and products in the UK work like this – low quality service and products are sold at much expensive prices than they are sold on average in other areas in the world.

This is why living cost in the UK has been said too expensive and after the crunch there are much less attractive reasons to stay in the UK anymore.

As we live in the global life now, in my opinion there are needs for major services and products in the UK to be lower prices in some cases deflation, to cancel out the excessive inflation experienced over the past years.

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When I went to Japan and was cooking with the gas ranges in the home, I was wondering the frying oil was different from those in the UK.

I rarely get spattering from frying oil in my kitchen in the UK, but do get spattering easily in Japan.

It may be partly because of the lower power of gas output on average gas ranges sold in the UK, with comparison of the same price range of products sold in Japan.

I also guess that the frying oil thickness is thinner in the UK than in Japan, which may be due to prevent from getting spattering.

Anyway, I have to be careful when I cook in Japan as I am used to cooking with thinner UK oil, as well as the powerful gas output which cooks much faster to nearly the same level of UK induction hobs in Japan.

I actually had some oil spattering from the frying pan in Japan in April. It was not serious but the scar is still shown on my skin and it seems it will take at least a year until it disappears.
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If you visit Japan for the first time, you will be amused by food menu in front of many restaurants, like the photos below.

Although it gives some ideas to decide which restaurant to go, it does not necessarily guarantee the taste! However, honestly there are so many restaurants which serve delicious food – Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, French and many more cuisine from over the world and therefore you do not need to play a staring game in food guide books in Japan, unless you have specific targets or purposes.

The video sample making process is by a manufacturer of food samples. As almost all foreigners visit Japan are amazed by the food models, there are some souvenir shops in Asakusa area in Tokyo. You may also be able to find them in Narita airport and other international airports, I suppose.

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