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Fish Pie Cooking Experience

Recently Jamie Oliver started open new shop in clapham Junction, London. Half part of the delicatessen and kitchen tools select shop, we can have cooking lessons. We have taken one of the traditional English Fish Pie arranged in Jamie Oliver’s style the other day. Please take a look at the recipe and video for more details.

Actually I expected basic cooking experience, however, they in fact focus on detailed  points to make sophisticated tastes for example;

  • when to taste for salt, pepper and other seasonings in the process,
  • remove the gut running through the spine of the king prawns,
  • add milk to the butter off heat, mix, then heat – easier way to avoid developing balls in the mixture

etc, everyone can learn useful tips and cooking skills with joy.

When I tasted it there, I felt the porcini and lemon flavour was a little too much for me, but when I baked the raw fish pie on the next day and it was perfect, I guess I have addicted to Jamie Oliver now.

They will cook for G20 summit in the beginning of April, they are now famous all over the world! I can not resist to follow them.

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