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Ramsay on CH4

Ramsay on CH4

Today I watched the TV program Ramsay’s Great British Nightmares broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK on 30 Jan 09.

The celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay challenged to change bogus family operated restaurants in the UK.  The restaurants serve discusting stuff they procure from wholesale cash-and-carry such as retort pouched ready meals of ram shanks with full list of half-chemical additives, orange squash in artificial colour in jumbo-sized bottles for roasted chicken sauce, other ready-to-serve block meat stews and quick serving stuff come out of buckets which look like DIY glue buckets in kilos.

Ramsay tris to convince the restaurant owners who are seemingly proud of  their operations but insist of severe influence of economy crisis that all the related businesses and people in the local area need to cooperate to beat the downturn. As the local people would pay for what they are satisfied, if the suppliers and restaurants serve good products/service as well as impressive entertainments at reasonable prices, the restaurants and all others would thrive modestly even in the depressed period. The downtown bands who make loud squeaking noise are removed and pleasant lighting decoration area is installed instead to impress the restaurant atmosphere, the eccentric style wallpaper is painted in simple white which enhance the frames of the view through the windows and appearently the transformations are successfully done. Report on how they do after a year or more is of interest to me if they would show on TV.

I have reached this opinion that the Ramsay’s approach to work on the chain of the local reliance is similarly applied to other businesses, economies, foreign affairs and even the human lives in the universe.

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